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... is great for testing mind boundaries and conquering fears.  Build confidence, make new friends and experience nature like never before.  There are so many progress with mountain biking equipments in the last decade which make riding safer and more enjoyable.  If an interest sparks, be sure to visit http://www.singletracks.com to check for trails around your area. There are also many great videos in http://www.youtube.com . Just remember to be safe as your first priority.  Master your riding skills and take one stage at a time.  Riding with someone who is safe and better than you always helps to improve. (04-07-2015 Ryno)


Learning how to read is not enough.  Examining evidence of the books' accurate information is vital. Just because a book has been approved by scholars and inspired by an invisible being whose existence could not be proven doesn't make it acceptable to everybody's standards.  

To understand, is to be critical of the information's biases, origin, tested accuracy and possible fallacies.  Today's generation is lucky to have the fast internet and able to compare information from many different sources.   (04-07-2015 Ryno)

1. Eat Fruits and Steamed Vegetables.  Fruits and vegetables help with digestive process if taken at the right time of the day.    
2. Always get active.  Find something to do.  Sitting or lying down while watching TV for hours and on will only make people fat and heavy.  Obviously, there's too much time in many people if we have time to waste, so getting a 2nd job that requires a lot of movement and walking can help lose weight.  Exercise may not be a motivator for everyone.  
3. Avoid tobacco.  Don't we have enough carbon monoxide from cars already?  Our lungs must say enough is enough! 
4. Moderation on alcoholic drinks.  We all have the right to have fun! Call for a taxi if intoxicated.
5.  Avoid foods with high sugar content.  Candy is really worst for teeth and gums.  Recent study aired on CBS 04/01/2012, showed that sugar is a toxin.  I agree, because I rarely eat candy or sweets and I rarely (once or twice) get sick in a year.  
6.  Too much salt is not good on kidneys.  So if kidneys start having discomfort, lay off the salt.  
7.  Lots of clean water helps in thinking process.  Clean water helps get rid of wastes in our bodies.  We need water because it helps carry oxygen into our blood stream.  Hence, lack of water in our body can cause damage to our organs. 
8.  If it isn't food, it doesn't belong in your mouth.  
9. Treat your skin well and be cautious of chemicals.  Wear gloves even with cleaning agents.   
10. Wash your hands with clean water and anti-bacterial soap a few times everyday..  
11. Always brush your teeth 2 to 3x's a day. Parents should emphasize this rigorously to their kids at an early age.  It should even be part of the school break where everyone stops what they're doing and brush their teeth altogether.  The society will have less diseases and will be more aware of hygiene.
Learn from reading "Natural Cures by Kevin Trudeau" and "Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond."  It is a struggle for some to believe Natural Cures and Fit for Life, but trying does not hurt and would benefit anyone who read these books throughout the years of their lives. 


Hyatt Huntington - March 2012
 Four Seasons Westlake Village - February 2012
You can do whatever you want, if you devote all of your psyche to what you want (DJRyNO)!
How to keep the GAS Prices down!
1.  Stay @ 65 to 70 mph on the freeway
2.  Plan and consolidate trips
3.  Stay at constant speeds.
4.  Drive a good MPG vehicle like hybrid,  small cars or a motorcycle.
5.  Carpool
6.  Be gentle on acceleration.
7.  Bike destination if it allows.
8.  Don't drive. Stay home.  
Ritz Carlton - November 2011 Ritz Carlton - December 2011 Honesty to oneself is the best reality (DJRyno)! 
1.  Save! Save! Save! (25% or more of your monthly salary). 
2.  Do not spend beyond your means.
3.  Always buy @ Discounted price.
4.  If you don't need it, don't buy it.
5.  Learn to be efficient with time. 
6.  Get updated with Financial Saving tips at all times. 
7.  It's never too late to start saving. 
Hyatt Manchester San Diego - Jan 2014 Hyatt Huntington Beach - Feb 2013 Happiness is an illusion, so start imagining happiness (DJRyno)!
How to stay Mentally Alert! 
1.  Get enough sleep. 
2.  Eat Fruits or drink juice/smoothies.
3.  Read a lot (Like Sing Karaoke).  
4.  Write down tasks and review them.
5.  Avoid tobacco .
6.  Don't abuse drugs.
7.  Practice memorization.  It's easy to be lazy nowadays with our electronic devices. 
Biking events at SOCAL MOUNTAIN & COAST RIDERS Better to believe in yourself above anyone else!  Anyway, you're the driver of your brain. (DJRyno).
Success is easy!

Success is happiness. It comes in different sizes.  We can all get to our successes, if we make them reachable.  If you plan big goals, break it down into little goals so that successes become manageable, sweet and long lasting.  The greatest obstacle to success is procrastination.  Every time we put off something for tomorrow, we lose opportunity to be closer to our success.  Learn how to prioritize, but also have fun.

Learn How to Prioritize Effectively.

You have to think of what's important to yourself, but be sensitive to other's needs as well.  It sounds selfish, but it's not.  To help anyone effectively, you have to be in a good position of helping. Otherwise, your help is lacking. Unfortunate lives are in chaos because their priorities are in the wrong track. They help others before helping themselves first.  If unfortunate people help themselves first, they would need little help from others.  

Major Priority!

Some may disagree, but regardless if you do or don't agree, our WELL-BEING should be our priority.

To be well, we must lower our risks of injury.  Accidents happen, but they can be avoided by being more careful. Old people I know that are over 90's live so long because they are very meticulous and careful. 

Be Smart, Be Informed and Be Careful!

Teaching the Right Way!

Experience is the best teacher.  Give the BEST examples to children (adults maybe) and they will follow ONLY THE BEST.  You have to let someone you teach use their six senses while learning so they could associate their sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste and feelings. (added: 09-28-2013)

Why Involve Kids in Music!

Music is about discovering patience, perseverance, memorization, organization and self-esteem.  It is discouraging to learn music because it is a very difficult skill. However, once you are great in music, the feeling of accomplishments invigorate your life.  Music after all is a way to be remembered for many generations, if not maybe eternity. 

  How to be Organized:
  1. Separate or sort things by category.
  2. Arrange separated things in an order (by date, size or usage).
  3. Discard not needed items.
  4. Dust off the dirt.
  5. Maintain weekly.

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