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Artist Ryno Specializes on weddings, birthdays, boat parties, corporate events, tradeshows, talent shows and local bars. Stop by and say hello to DJ Ryno at any of scheduled talent venues.  See Ryno play his music and sing at his weekly venue at Goodys Tavern - San Clemente, CA at 8:30 pm.

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American Eagles ETSY : RYNO7NB

Ryno7 Painting - interpretation of Mating Eagles from Smithsonian magazine
Completed in 2005 and was a passion on oil painting. The size of the portrait is 60 inches (5 ft) diagonal canvas.
Mission Statement: Support our community through local events to share growing talents of future artists and musicians


Colorado Arch Yoga

Ryno7 May 2019 Painting of Colorado Arches

Potrait of Jimmy Buffett : I painted Jimmy on his week of his passing to memorialize him because he such an iconic musician for the karaoke singers. The crowds suddenly come alive when Margaritaville is played and accompanied in chorus. (Medium: 20x2x20 inch custom made canvas - acrylic black n white paint).

Painting of Jimmy Buffett to memorialize the artist in the week of his passing.


Ryno7 2009 Painting Sebastian Little Mermaid

Potrait of Jim Morrison : I painted Jim M because he is a big influence in my music. I love playing the organ tones which is used in a lot of the Doors album. His poetic lyrics are loved and often requested by Karaoke singers. (Medium: 20x2x20 inch custom made canvas - acrylic black n white paint).

Painting of Jim Morrison to memorialize him for his poetic lyrics and melodic singing.

Maui Surfer

Hawaii Surfer Girl

Portrait of Jimmy Hendrix : I painted Jimmy H because he's very influential in my rock music. I consider him as a pioneer of wah wah pedal / distortion music artist. I like his invention of new styles in his era of blues expression. (Medium: 20x2x20 inch custom made canvas - acrylic black n white paint).

Jimmy Hendrix portrait

The Wedge Surfer

Newport Beach Sunset Surfer

Potrait of Bob Marley (Happy) : I painted Bob M because I like listening to his positive vibration lyrics and reggae rhythms. His music continues to live on and influence everyday positivity. His music is my go to genre to feel happy and relaxed. (Medium: 20x2x20 inch custom made canvas - acrylic black n white paint).

Happy Bob Marley

Kiss Spaceman

Send Love

Kiss Demon


Portrait of Elvis Presley : I painted Elvis P because he's very influential to my parents love life. My dad wore his sideburns and bell bottoms in the 70's which I think is really cool to see in the photographs. Elvis have huge influence in my music and I play his music on my events. My top favorite songs of Elvis are "Suspicious Minds" and "Teddy Bear." (Medium: 20x2x20 inch custom made canvas - acrylic black n white paint).

Potrait of Elvis Presley

Yoga of the Sun

First yoga painting 2015 of Ryno

Kiss Catman


Kiss Starchild











Dog Rizzo painting

Yoga Sunrise

Yoga sunrise

Tropical Macau

Tropical Macau painting


Fifi flying on vintage flame plane

American Eagle

American eagle painting
Send Love

Bold Leaf

Bold leaf painting

Alien Contact

Alien contact painting

Human nature

Human Nature painting

Cangicerius Sign

Cangicerius painting

Teslacraft tattoo on wrist

Painting of Teslacraft tattoo on wrist




Enayer 2

Jelly Moonbeamer : Original art and fictional character by Mimi and Myza

Jelly Moonbeamer


By Ryno Seven & Emil Pama ; Copyright (2000, 2023)

Do you wanna walk out the door
I'm not stopping you and expect a call
But if you ever change your mind
Don't beg because I'll leave you behind

Can you stand the silence?
Can you look me eye to eye?
I know you're bleeding inside
Cuz the truth has come outside

Wake up it's time to shape up
The thrill has suddenly come alive
Wake up it's time to shape up
Don't you ever wanna feel the ride

Now that the bridge is broken
How long will the pieces mend
May take years and feel forever
Guess it's a matter of facing fears

Can you stand the silence?
Can you look me eye to eye?
I know you're bleeding inside
Cuz the truth has come outside

Wake up it's time to shape up
The thrill has suddenly come alive
Wake up it's time to shape up
Don't you ever wanna feel the ride

(Repeat Chorus)
Did you think of consequences
To climb up high over fences
Of Offenses
(Repeat Chorus)

ZombieBrains by RynoSeven
Composed:08-10-2019 ; Copyright 2022 ; Recorded: 01-15-2022
Intro [ C ; F ; Fm ; C ]
--- 1 ---
Biting and Screaming [ C ; F ]
Appetites keep feeding [ Fm ; C ]
Dangling and Wheeling [ C ; F ]
Lost and running [Fm ; C ]
--- 2 ---
Fresh and rotten Meat [ C ; F ]
Some lost their Feet [ Fm ; C ]
And made to treats [ C ; F ]
Trampled from hunger feeds [ Fm ; G7 ]
--- CHORUS ---
Bang the doors [ Dm ]
Scream in tremors [ Em ]
Food in stores [ F ]
All over floors [ G ]
Bang the heads [ Dm ]
Guns out of leads [ Em ]
Zombies after you [ F ]
Your monkey brain [ G7 ]
--- 3 ---
How do you fly? [ C , F ]
Head off Samurai [ Fm , C ]
Eyeballs fall off [ C , F ]
From shotgun blastoff [ Fm , G7 ]
--- 4 ---
Bodies of sweat [ C , F ]
Bloods dripping wet [ Fm , C ]
Lose head in the net [ C , F ]
Ears are missing set [ Fm , G7 ]

--- BRIDGE ---
Monkey Brains are all over town [ Em, Am ]
Such wastes to leave it all undone [ F , G7 ]

--- Repeat CHORUS (2x’s) ---

--- #1 ---
If you believe in yourself [F ; Bb]
Trust in no religion [C]
If you find the truth in self [F ; Bb]
No one can sway your sedition [C7]
--- #2 ---
Free from the vice of the lies [F ; Bb]
They say they are the wise [C]
Throwing the myths and the cries [F ; Bb]
Of wasteful use of time [C7]
--- Chorus ---
Don't want to see a man so sad [Am ; Dm]
Suffering on a cross [Bb ; F]
Don't want to hear a world [Am ; Dm]
Of violent ways to end a race [Bb ; C7]
--- #3 ---
Why do you pray to someone [F ; Bb]
When no one listens to you [C]
Just do the ways you wanted [F ; Bb]
And your desires will come to you [C7]
--- Repeat #2 ---
--- Chorus ---
--- Solo ---
--- Chorus ---
Trust in reality (8x's) [Dm ; Am ; Dm ; C7 ; F]

All songs are protected by copyrights.

Send Love
PSYCHE [Dm, Am, Bb, C7]
L - 0 - V - E
Is a wonderful thing that keeps us together
H - O - P - E
Is a marvelous side that makes us stronger
D - O - P - E
Is an addiction so let's not even go there
H - O - M - E
Is a sweet place where we can be ourselves
--- Chorus ---
So free your mind
Free your heart
And keep your soul together
And you'll know
--- 2 ---
T - I - M - E
You can loose your mind thinking about eternity
L - I - F - E
Rich or poor we all need the money
S - O - N - G
I want to feel the life of sound that's music in me
F - R - E - E
Is the best thing in life we all can find so easily
--- Repeat Chorus ---
--- Bridge ---
If you can't think clearly
Get away and move around
Get away and move around
--- Repeat Chorus ---

--- #1 --- [Dm;Gm]
Everywhere you turn is going your direction
Because you do the right way without a question
Everyone you speak to takes their full attention
Because you give the truth without hesitation
--- #2 --- [Dm;Gm]
Every time you lead, the world finds you to follow
Since you show the courage to win to keep you grow
You believe in the path to keep the strength to flow
And you keep your mind occupied so not to slow
--- Chorus --- [C;F;Dm;Gm]
You tell the world there are many to mislead you
To control you for their own advantage
You see the world of many fallacies
You try to correct but most put up their walls
--- Bridge --- [D;C]
Escape the controls of irrational thinkers
Get the facts and serve yourself
Give someone who is lost of information
If their choice is wrong, then just move on.
--- Repeat #2 and Chorus ---

--- #1 --- [F ; Bb]
Moon and stars shine through the night
Birds fly high into the skies
Sun sets down and rise again
Ocean waves have power to shape
--- #2 --- [F ; Bb]
There is no brain in after life
So you would not know you who you are
No judgment when you leave this world
Because your energy would spread throughout
--- Chorus --- [F ; C ; D ; C]
Because we live in Universe (4x's) ... Oh Oh Oh
--- #3 --- [F ; Bb]
If you would love yourself so well
You can make things the way you want
Doubts and mysteries can be solved
With all the rightful rationales
--- #4 --- [F ; Bb]
Feel your senses you can use
You nurture feelings that help and heal
Rulers play your fears on "end of days"
And use their books as remote controls
--- Repeat Chorus ---

--- #1 --- [C5 ; Db5]
When I was a kid, there was so much to learn
What directions would I take to live with and yearn
My mind was fed with lies like they were the truth
And I wondered why my life seems so untrue
--- #2 --- [C5 ; Db5]
I was moving from one school to the next
Seeing many different ways people live
Some beliefs were so strong compared to the rest
But I kept seeing contradictions at their best
--- Chorus --- [C ; G ; F C]
I found my way to reason
With having new experiences
Every changes of the seasons
Come out with revealing evidences
--- #3 --- [C5 ; Db5]
When the land of the free became my sweet home
So many directions and places I roamed
I wandered through hills and deserts alone
My mindful reasons at last were fulfilled
--- #4 --- [C5 ; Db5]
A new found mission came to fruition
To help myself and those who lack of visions
What could be the sign of one's greatest gift
Which is to give the true power of lift
--- Repeat Chorus 2x's --- [C5 ; Db5]

--- 1 ---
I see my reflection on a clear steady water,
and then I wonder what am I doing here?
--- 2 ---
I look up the blue skies and then I wonder why,
is there something out there looking back here?
--- Refrain ---
And then I feel the wind blowing in my ear,
it tells me something today is just another day
--- Chorus ---
Would I ever change my ways?
Who would care to know?
It's my perspective on a different way of life.
--- 3 ---
I feel my intuition on a clear sunny day,
and then I wonder what am I doing here?
--- 4 ---
I look up the dark skies and then I wonder how,
who could save my soul when there's no one there?
--- Bridge ---
I'll take my chances whatever may go wrong.
It may just be alright.

--- #1 ---
What can you not see that I can see? [G ; F]
It was not the same for you and me [G ; F]
Where you've been through, I know not where [Abm ; Am]
But I might take the road you dared [F ; G]
--- #2 ---
What did you learn where life can turn?
To a place where i would not burn
So many times when seas are rough
But I held on like it was not enough
--- Chorus ---
Changes are the color of your world [A ; Dm]
Keep moving on [A ; Dm]
[F ; G ; Am]
--- #3 ---
Some dreams are black and white
But some may come in color bright
When dreams come true, life is a delight
Friends would come to reunite
--- #4 ---
Keep the light shining on
You may not have your life yet drawn
You can start with a scribble
Maybe you can burst of your bubble
--- Bridge --- [Gm ; F ; Eb ; F]
Your own canvas
Your own medium
Your own style
All original

--- 1 ---
I will take you to my past
And you will see that I'm right
This is the reason to live
You can't be nobody's slave
--- 2 ---
You make your own destiny
So you can set yourself and free
Those negativities that would not
Let you be
--- Chorus ---
So aim high not low
Do it real fast and not so slow
And it really doesn't matter
If you stumble or fall or don't make it at all
Don't lose hope now
There will always be tomorrow
Work your way up now
To be the one of all
--- 3 ---
If you've lost your way
You can always ask a friend
If they don't have the answers
It's all because on you
--- Repeat #2 ---
--- Repeat Chorus ---

--- 1 ---
Hell was made for those who believe in it
Better to be alive not worrying what’s not there
Heaven can be where we stand
But let’s not choose to make it hell.
--- 2 ---
Why make an ugly place in your mind?
An afterlife where there is no life
When earth can be a place of happiness
Where people share love and prosper in unity
--- Chorus ---
I’ve watched animals
Living with morals
Why can’t we humans
Stop being destroyers
--- 3 ---
Value your life as the only one you’ve got.
You can learn to respect freedom amongst us.
You can give importance on the liberty that stands.
Like the eagles soaring across the skies.
--- 4 ---
It’s easy to know what is good from bad.
Logic will get you where you want.
If a creator destroyed women and children in a holy book,
then don't worship a monster that trashes it's own creations.
--- Bridge ---
Find the ones who love you
Try not to hurt someone

--- 1 ---
On your feet to find the place [ Em ; Am ]
You’ve never been before [Cm ; G ]
It’s taking so much time [ Em ; Am ]
Waiting for hours and days and weeks [ Cm ; G ]
--- 2 ---
No one can tell you where to go [ Em ; Am ]
You chart your destiny [ Cm ; G ]
Of love, some peace and harmony [ Em ; Am ]
But you just wait for hours and weeks and years [ Cm ; G ]
--- Refrain --- [ No Chords, InstBreak ]
At times seem like it’s dead end
At times seem like there’s hope
If you keep going to what you want
You may get to your fantasy
--- Chorus ---
Some say you need to get serious [ Cm ; G ]
But fork it just have fun [ Cm ; G ]
You’re here for just a second [ Cm ; G ]
Like a blink of an eye in time [ A ; D7 ]
--- 3 ---
If you’re a bird, where would you go? [ Em ; Am ]
But you’re a turtle stuck in a little circle. [Cm ; G ]
Or a snail with only a few feet to go, [ Em ; Am ]
Then stumped by a forking little brat. [Cm ; G ]
--- 4 ---
Where do you want to be when you’re dead? [ Em ; Am ]
Seems like a silly question [Cm ; G ]
But come on now do you think [ Em ; Am ]
This song is not for you [Cm ; G ]
--- Bridge ---
To all your friends ; To all your family. [ F# ; G ]
It is for you ; It is for everybody. [ A ; D ]

(Lyric Added on 07-28-2019)
--- 1 ---
Baby, I called you hundred times on your phone
But no answer 'cuz you left it by the stereo at home
--- 2 ---
Baby, I sent you messages with I love you(s)
But your phone's off and the words can't get through
--- Refrain ---
Baby, Please don't make me nervous
Baby, Please don't make me cry
Baby, Take your phone with you
So you can hit reply
--- Chorus ---
--- 3 ---
Baby I'll give you all the attentions you need
But baby I'll need some lovin' for what I did
Baby I got you roses, tequilas and sweets
If we do this too much, I won't be paying the bills
--- Refrain ---
Baby, Please don't make me nervous
Baby, Please don't make me cry
Baby, Take your phone with you
So you can hit reply
--- Chorus ---

--- 1 ---
You show me the real you
You believe in what you do
Love is here and it will stay
Hope will find its way
--- 2 ---
Believe in the dreams you dream
Even though life is not what it seems
So make the best of everything
Sing all the songs you wanna sing
--- Chorus ---
One life to live
Let's make it worth
One life to Live
Put aside all the fears
--- 3 ---
You wish you could travel around
Don't wait 'till you're out of time
'Cuz you may not live tomorrow
Get up to prove and make a show
--- Bridge ---
Some day you'll find the way
To be what you want to be
Some day you find the key
To any possibility
--- Chorus ---

--- Intro Chords --- [Em, Am, Em, D]
--- 1 --- [G,C,D]
Going through this confusion in my mind
It seems like I am not in control of my life
Is there something better to do today?
Is there anything better for me to say?
--- Chorus --- [Em D, Em, Am, D]
Is there something worth living for?
What are human race here for?
Instead of having to love one another
And work for our future to make it better
--- 2 --- [G, C, D]
Like the sun with the stars keep the cycle of night
It's a game everyone has to survive
No one really knows if they have arrived
By the time they realize it's the end of time
--- Bridge --- [F, G; F, C, D]
We gotta give for next generation
Nations work with other nations
Wars are wasting all our patience
We don't want to find it is too late
--- Repeat Chorus
--- Ad lib (8 measures) ---
--- Repeat Chorus) --- better (echo efx)

--- Intro ---
[A, C#, F#m, D, A, E, A, E]
--- 1 --- [F#m, Bm, E]
Let me in
Your heart's desire
If you're confused
Don't you worry
We will find our path in search of love. [A, D, E]
--- 2 --- [F#m, Bm, E]
Fear will go
Let's build our trust
The wind will guide
When we fly our wings
The sun will keep us warm and strong. [A, D, E]
--- Refrain --- [C#m, F#m, Bm, E]
I'll dive to the deepest ocean to find enchanted pearls
And climb the highest hills where we see everything
--- Chorus --- [A, D, E]
Keep going on
Let love take over
--- 3 --- [F#m, Bm, E]
Feeling's strength
Is taking over
The heat is on
As we go along
We found our path in search of love [A, D, E]
--- Repeat Refrain ---
--- Repeat Chorus ---
--- Ad lib ---
--- Repeat Chorus (4x's)

--- V1.---
Stopped for no reason
Bound like I'm a con
Chained I had no gun
My heart pounds with fear
--- V2.---
Shut to say no words
Questions so absurd
Answers are not heard
Locked inside with fears
--- CHORUS: ---
Knee on my back
Struggle with heartbeat
Knee on my neck
Lost air I can't breathe ... ooh ...
--- V3.---
Held against my will
Time wasted still
Only tried to chill
Racist slurs lost my fears
---(Repeat V2)---
---(Repeat Chorus)---
---(Instrumental solo)
--- BRIDGE:---
Their hate will make me strong
Nations rise up soon
The tyrants' end of fascism
United voice kill RACISM
Ooh ... ooh ... ooh ... ooh
---(Repeat Chorus)---
Ooh ... ooh ... ooh ... ooh
Mama ... mama ... mama

A song portrayal from the police brutality, deadly suffering and worst than animal execution of George Floyd during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic. Society is measured as civilized by way it treats its poor and disadvantage people.
All songs are protected by copyrights.

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