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Join ET

Join ET fun meetup group

Some positive benefits that musical talents can bring are the improved social interaction, high cognitive skills, critical thinking and enhanced creativity. Music is your right so go get it and share.

Join Iron Man

Join Iron Man Biking Group

Join our biking and good times meet-up groups. A great way to meet new and fun people. Encourage anyone to make contributions to community whether it's volunteer, political or social. It's not how big of an amount we make contributions that matter, but how little and how many times we help in our own little ways.

A B O U T the Artist

Makes life bountiful of music, arts and science because humanity is full of interesting stories and appreciation. Never stop teaching, learning and creating.

Please support the humanity project through Venmo to spread music, arts and sciences to the world.

Upcoming projects:
- New oil paintings posted every week.
- New music videos is uploaded to YOUTUBE and REVERBNATION daily or weekly if not too busy.
- Available for special, community projects, website building.

Your kindness and support donations for humanity project and biking group is greatly appreciated.
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